2014–2015 Sunset Review

TCDD, Health and Human Service Agencies Begin Sunset Review (August 2013)

Under state law, the Sunset Advisory Commission regularly reviews about 150 state agencies to determine if each one is still needed and effective, eliminate any duplication of services and programs, and identify ways to make improvements. This biennium, 21 agencies are being reviewed, including the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, the state’s health and human services agencies and the Texas Workforce Commission.

TCDD Self-Evaluation Report to the Sunset Advisory Commission (September 2013)

Each agency under Sunset Review prepares a self assessment to identify its strengths and weaknesses, issues and concerns. TCDD’s self evaluation was submitted to the Sunset Advisory Commission on September 1, 2013.

Opportunity for Public Input to Sunset Review of TCDD (June 2014)

The mission and performance of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities are under review by the Legislature as required under the Texas Sunset Act. Every Texan has the opportunity to suggest ways in which the mission and operations of the TCDD can be strengthened by sending comments to the Sunset Commission.

Sunset Staff Recommends Continuation of TCDD (October 2014)

The Sunset Advisory Commission issued a staff report that recommends the continuation of TCDD until 2027. The report also recommends that TCDD improve its process for tracking grant project outcomes.

Sunset Advisory Commission Adopts Recommendation to Continue TCDD (December 2014)

The Sunset Advisory Commission adopted Sunset staff report recommendations regarding the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD). The recommendations, which were adopted without modification, include the continuation of TCDD for 12 years until 2027.

Legislation Filed to Implement Sunset Recommendation (February 2015)

Legislation was filed to implement the Sunset Advisory Commission’s recommendation to continue TCDD for another 12 years. HB 1679 (webpage) and SB 210 (webpage), identical bills, were filed to extend the expiration date of the Council until September 1, 2027, with no other changes to current law.

TCDD Reauthorized to Continue Until 2027 (May 2015)

On Saturday, May 23, 2015, Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1679 into law. HB 1679 reauthorizes the continuation of TCDD until September 1, 2027. The legislation became effective immediately.


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