1998 – 1999 TCDD Sunset Review

Sunset Recommendations Regarding TCDD (1998)

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities and 14 other health and human services agencies, councils and committees went through the Sunset Review process in 1997–1998.

In a favorable report on the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities presented at a Sunset Commission meeting and public hearing on October 13, 1998, Sunset staff stated, “The Sunset review found a continuing need for the purposes of the Council. The Council plays an important role in planning, advocating and demonstrating innovative ways to provide services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities.”

Approval of Sunset Staff Recommendation (November 1998)

The Sunset Advisory Commission approved the Sunset staff recommendation to continue the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities for 12 years and update state statute to conform to changes in the federal law by:

  • Clarifying the relationship between the Council and the designated state agency.
  • Further defining the responsibilities of the Council.

TCDD’s Sunset Legislation Signed into Law (1999)

On Wednesday, May 12, 1999, Governor Bush signed House Bill (HB) 1610, the Sunset legislation which reauthorized the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities until 2009 (Amended in 2005). The legislation, which became effective on September 1, 1999, also

  • updated state statute to conform to changes in the federal law;
  • indicated that the Governor may designate the Texas Health and Human Services Commission as the state agency through which the Council’s funds flow or another state agency if the Governor determines the Commission or other agency is allowable (which means they do not provide or pay for services, in keeping with the federal law); and
  • changed the name of the Council from the Texas Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities to the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities.

To view a copy of House Bill (HB) 1610 as it was signed by the Governor, as well as an analysis of the bill that was created earlier and the steps to its passage, visit the Texas Legislature Online.

Please note that only the specific sections of Chapter 112 of the Texas Human Resources Code which were amended or revised are included in the bill. Once these changes were adopted, they were sent to the Texas Legislative Council and integrated into the state’s Human Resources Code.