Connect With Your Regional Coordinator

Connect with your regional coordinator graphic

Through a partnership, the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service developed a regional coordinator initiative so people with disabilities and others around the state have access to region-specific information, resources, and events.

A regional coordinator is a go-to person for disability-related issues in the region of the state that the coordinator covers. Specifically, regional coordinators will:

  • provide information;
  • collect and share resources;
  • promote educational trainings;
  • host events;
  • make connections with individuals and organizations; and
  • foster a broad network of disability advocates and experts.

When you connect with your regional coordinator, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with what’s new and what’s happening in your part of the state. You can connect with your regional coordinator directly by phone or email, or you can subscribe to the quarterly Regional Connection Newsletter.

For this initiative, the state is divided into six regions from urban centers to rural areas and everywhere in between. To learn more about your regional coordinator and to get connected, click on your region in the map below.

Map of Texas

Map of Texas that shows each regional coordinator's region

West Region North Region East Region Cetnral Region Coastal Region South Region

*Click on a region to see the corresponding regional coordinator.