Minutes — August 2019 Project Development Committee Meeting

2019 Council and Committee Meetings


  • Council Members Present
  • Gladys Cortez, Chair
  • Kimberly Blackmon
  • Maverick Crawford
  • Jennifer Hines, TWC
  • Scott McAvoy
  • Justin Porter, TEA
  • Randell Resneder
  • Holly Riley, HHSC OAA
  • Robert Schier
  • Eric Shahid
  • John Thomas
  • Kim Torres
  • Audrey Young, DSHS
  • Guests Present

  • Ali Gentry
  • Ivy Goldstein
  • Brooke Hohfeld
  • Sara Kendall
  • DeAnn Lechtenberger
  • Annessa Lewis
  • Wes Yeager
  • Staff Present

  • Beth Stalvey, Executive Director
  • Martha Cantu
  • Cynthia Ellison
  • Robert Garcia
  • Evan Marczynski
  • Sylvia Medina
  • Richard Rendon
  • Mary Rochford
  • Fernando Rodriguez
  • Joshua Ryf


Call to Order

The Project Development Committee convened on Thursday, August 8, 2019, in Ballroom A of the Embassy Suites Austin Central, 5901 North IH-35, Austin, Texas 78723. Committee Chair Gladys Cortez called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM. A quorum was present.

  1. Introductions
    Committee members, staff and guests were introduced. Chair Cortez discussed the duties and responsibilities of the Project Development Committee.

  2. Public Comments
    Dr. DeAnn Lechtenberger from Texas Tech University provided an update on Project Case and the recently awarded Sexual Health Education grant.

  3. Consideration of Minutes
    The minutes were reviewed, and no corrections or additions were noted.

    MOTION: To approve the minutes of the May 2, 2019, Project Development Committee as presented.
    MADE BY: Scott McAvoy
    SECOND: John Thomas
    The motion passed unanimously.

  4. Chair’s Remarks
    Chair Cortez welcomed all the new members and encouraged them to share their perspective on the discussion items.

  5. Member Updates
    Committee members provided updates on their disability-related activities during the previous quarter.

  6. Staff Reports
    1. Status of New/Approved Projects
      • Mounting Horizons – Youth Leadership Development
      • SAFE – Youth Leadership Development
      • Easterseals Central Texas – Leadership Development and Advocacy Training
      • Family to Family Network – Leadership Development and Advocacy Training
      • Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center – Leadership Development and Advocacy Training
      • University of Texas – Texas Sibling Network
    2. Projected Available Funds
      Operations Director Martha Cantu reviewed the Summary of Funds Report and discussed the projected balances for FY 2018, FY 2019 and FY 2020 noting that funds are available for additional projects.

  7. Future Activities for State Plan Implementation
    1. Committee members discussed the executive summary for Addressing Complex Mental Health Needs. The Committee modified the executive summary to include an option focused on educating pre-service and in-service teachers, leaving the funding amount open, requirements to address one or more of the seven options of the project, duration of the project for up to five years, and requirement of a project advisory committee.

      MOTION: To recommend Council approval of funding for one or more projects that address complex mental health needs for people with IDD. Projects will be for up to five years and will address one or more of the options on the list. The funding amount will be open-ended, and the number of projects funded will be determined by the amount of funds available.
      MADE BY: Scott McAvoy
      SECOND: Randell Resneder
      The motion passed unanimously.

    2. Committee members discussed the executive summary for Leadership Development and Advocacy Training by Local Self-Advocacy Groups. An initial Request for Proposals (RFP) for this project did not result in any projects awarded and members discussed reasons for this including the capacity of local self-advocacy organizations to execute a project of this scope. The funding amount of $75,000 and the requirement to train 100 people were discussed as potential barriers. It was also noted that organizations may not have the capacity to receive funds and may need a partner organization.

      MOTION: To recommend Council approval for a modified executive summary to require a minimum of 20 people be trained, leaving the funding amount open-ended.
      MADE BY: John Thomas
      SECOND: Robert Schier
      The motion passed unanimously.

      The Committee also discussed unsolicited ideas that were received from other entities. Suggestions included TCDD funding for day habilitation services, funding to establish an entity to oversee Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, and funding for a transition resource center that would operate like a previously funded project. There was no direction or recommendations from the Committee to pursue any of these ideas.

  8. Future Project Funding Priorities
    The Committee reviewed and discussed the current list of projects that have been approved for funding and determined priorities for recommendation to the Council.

    MOTION: To recommend Council approval of the Future Project Funding Priorities list in the following order:
    1. Prevention of and Response to Sexual Offenses – Gap Analysis for Medical and Therapeutic Professionals;
    2. Prevention of and Response to Sexual Offenses – Support for People with I/DD, their Families, Friends, and Allies;
    3. Response to and Prevention of Sexual Offenses – Improving the Criminal Justice Response to Sexual Offense Cases Involving People w/IDD;
    4. Addressing Complex Mental Health Needs;
    5. Research for Substance use Disorder in People with IDD;
    6. Higher Education;
    7. Disability Advocacy Conference;
    8. Engagement for Millennials;
    9. First Responder Training;
    10. Local Self-Advocacy Groups Leadership and Advocacy Training;
    11. Disability-Related Participatory Research
    MADE BY: John Thomas
    SECOND: Scott McAvoy
    The motion passed unanimously.

  9. Other Discussion Items
    There was no further discussion. The next Project Development Committee meeting is scheduled for November 7, 2019.


Chair Cortez adjourned the meeting at 12:10 PM.