Minutes — May 2019 Audit Committee Meeting

2019 Council and Committee Meetings


  • Committee Members Present
  • Andrew Crim, Chair
  • Mary Durheim, Council Chair
  • Kristen Cox
  • Scott McAvoy
  • John Thomas

Guests Present

  • Daniel Graves, Weaver & Tidwell

Staff Present

  • Beth Stalvey, Executive Director
  • Martha Cantu
  • Koren Vogel


Call to Order

The Audit Committee of the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities convened on Thursday, May 2, 2019, in the Yucca/San Pedro Room at the Embassy Suites Austin Central Hotel, 5901 North IH-35, Austin, TX 78723. Committee Chair Andrew Crim called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. A quorum was present.

  1. Introductions
    Committee members, staff and guests were introduced.

  2. Public Comments
    No public comments were offered to the Committee.

  3. Consideration of Minutes
    The minutes were reviewed, and no additions or corrections were noted.

    MOTION: To approve the minutes of the August 3, 2018, Audit Committee meeting as presented.
    MADE BY: Mary Durheim
    SECOND: John Thomas
    The motion passed without opposition. Kristen Cox abstained from voting.

  4. Review of FY 2019 Findings and Observations: Governance
    Daniel Graves, Senior Manager from Weaver & Tidwell LLP discussed internal audit activities for FY 2019 which included a review of Governance processes. The scope of the audit focused on the agency’s executive leadership including sub-processes of board rules and oversight; strategy, policies, and procedures; structure and accountability; communication and reporting; assessment and risk management; and ethics. Audit activities were conducted from November 13, 2018 through February 11, 2019 with a final report presented to TCDD staff on April 8, 2019. He further reported that TCDD management has already responded to the findings of the audit.

    The objective of the audit was to determine whether the design and operating effectiveness of TCDD’s governance processes address the risks within the associated sub-processes. The overall assessment of the audit was reported as “strong.”

    Graves also reported that follow-up procedures on findings from the 2018 audit activities which covered External Communications, Advocacy, and Public Policy will be conducted from May 13, 2019 through May 17, 2019.

    The Annual Internal Audit Report which is due to the State Auditor’s Office by November 1, 2019 will be available for review and approval during the August Council and Committee meetings.

  5. Internal Audit Plan
    Graves discussed the plans for the FY 2020 audit activities which include a review of Program Development as well as Compliance and Compliance Reporting.

  6. Other Discussion Items
    The next Audit Committee meeting will be held on August 8, 2019.


Committee Chair Crim adjourned the Audit Committee at 12:35 PM.