52 More Conditions Quickly Qualify for Disability Benefits

Health Care

female clinician dressed in scrubs using a stethoscope she’d placed upon the left upper anterior chest in order to perform a thoracic auscultation upon an elderly male patient in a clinical setting.

Photo courtesy CDC Public Health Image Library, Amanda Mills.

Fifty-two more medical conditions that involve neurological disorders, cancers and immune system disorders will be added to a list of Compassionate Allowances as of August 13, 2012. This list is a quick way to identify diseases and other medical conditions that clearly qualify for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability benefits. It allows people with the most serious disabilities to get benefit decisions within days instead of months or years.

The new additions expand the list of Compassionate Allowances from 113 to 165 medical conditions.

Visit socialsecurity.gov Compassionate Allowances for more information and a list of qualifying conditions.