Texas Team Develops Plan to Promote Self-Advocacy


Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities logoA team of individuals from Texas participated in a regional self-advocacy summit in Chicago April 19-20, 2012, that brought together people from seven states to identify their unique strengths and challenges, share information, and lay the groundwork for improving statewide self-advocacy initiatives. This was one of nine Envisioning the Future: Allies in Self Advocacy summits held across the nation by the Administration for Developmental Disabilities (which recently changed its name to the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities).

During the summits, state teams worked together to develop next steps that can be taken to strengthen self-advocacy in their state. The teams also developed recommendations for activities and policies to strengthen self-advocacy at the national level, and discussed the roles, functions and needed supports for the growing self-advocacy movement.

Each summit included a group of state teams that represented self-advocacy organizations, state Developmental Disability Networks (DD Councils, Protection and Advocacy Organizations, and University Centers for Excellence), and other key state leaders.

The Texas team represented:

At the summit, the Texas team presented an overview of the state’s accomplishments, strengths and challenges in self-advocacy.