TCDD Announces Training to Increase Nonprofits’ Abilities, Funds

April 6, 2012

Contact: Pam Anderson
(903) 541-0013

A series of small leadership and capacity building workshops are being offered in Austin, Houston and Edom, near Tyler, to help disability organizations and other nonprofits increase their funding and ability to help Texans. The trainings are provided by A Circle of Ten, Inc., under a contract with the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities.

“We are offering these workshops free to some of our leadership and advocacy grants to help them increase their resources through community organizing and fund raising,” explained TCDD chair Mary Durheim. “This will allow these projects to continue to provide training for people with disabilities and family members after their funding from TCDD ends.”

The training is also open to other nonprofits to expand their abilities and partnerships. Small, tailored classes of 15-21 people will focus on grant writing, partnerships and capacity building. The workshops are provided under an initial one-year contract from TCDD for about $25,000.

For dates and details on the training, contact A Circle of Ten, Inc. at (903) 541-0013 or

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities is a 27-member board dedicated to improving the lives of more than 450,000 Texans with developmental disabilities. The council uses a variety of activities — such as grant projects, technical assistance, public awareness and leadership training — to enable people with disabilities to live, grow up, attend school and work in the community. Developmental disabilities are severe, chronic disabilities that occur before the age of 22, such as autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.