Texas COVID Stories

Texas COVID Stories

Earlier this year, the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities launched the Texas COVID Stories campaign to determine how self-advocates, family members, and others were initially impacted by COVID-19. As COVID-19 began to spread throughout Texas and communities instituted “stay at home” orders, there was concern about how people with disabilities would be impacted by these closures. Access to typical services and supports — like special education services, direct support professionals, and transportation — was likely to be limited if not altogether suspended.

Through the Texas COVID Stories campaign, Texans were asked if COVID-19 had disrupted their access to services, if they had been able to stay safe during the pandemic, and whom they called if they needed help. Participants also had an opportunity to tell their stories and to share their ideas for solving some of the challenges they experienced as a result of COVID-19.

Nearly 90 people participated in the campaign, almost a third of which were self-advocates. Below are some of the statistics from the campaign. You can also read some of the stories submitted by people from across Texas.

Info Graphic of COVID story results


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