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Mental Health Bill Tracking

The bills below could impact mental health services in Texas.

Mental Health

Mental Health Bills (Telicon Report 1/25/2017)
HB 71Armando MartinezRelating to the transportation of certain mental health patients.
no datano dataRemarks:

Would require family members to be first priority to transport person in mental health crisis in Hidalgo County. The list of approved transporters would grow from on-duty peace officers to include family members, facility administrators, county-reimbursed LMHA staff, and DSHS-reimbursed mental health officers. May need to be reconciled w/HB978 (2013) that required professionals first and family last. 

no datano dataHistory: 11/14/2016 H Filed
HB 309Jarvis JohnsonRelating to the establishment of a home and community-based services program under Medicaid for certain persons with severe and persistent mental illness.
no datano dataRemarks: Would codify the 1915i Home and Community Based Services waiver program currently under development for people with persistent mental illness at greatest risk of institutionalization, and would add children and adults experiencing a first episode of psychosis.
no datano dataHistory: 11/14/2016 H Filed
HB 909Ramon RomeroRelating to preliminary examination periods for mental health protective custody.
no datano dataRemarks: Would extend, from 48 hours to 72 hours, the amount of time a facility may detain a person for preliminary examination after a peace officer files a notification of detention.
no datano dataHistory: 1/10/2017 H Filed
SB 74Jane NelsonRelating to the provision of certain behavioral health services to children, adolescents, and their families under a contract with a managed care organization.
no datano dataRemarks: Would allow behavioral health services providers under contract with managed care organizations to provide targeted case management and psychiatric rehabilitative services to at-risk children, adolescents, and families.
no datano dataHistory: 11/14/2016 S Filed
SB 220Jose MenendezRelating to the offense involving the carrying of handguns by license holders on the premises of certain mental health facilities.
no datano dataRemarks: Would prohibit the carrying of handguns in any nursing facility, facility under contract by a mental health authority, or hospital or community center that provides mental health services.
no datano dataHistory: 11/14/2016 S Filed
SB 292Joan HuffmanRelating to the creation of a grant program to reduce recidivism, arrest, and incarceration of individuals with mental illness.
no datano dataRemarks: Would create a matching funds grant program for a community collaborative (including the county, local mental health authority, and hospital district) to carry out an approved plan for reducing recidivism, arrest, and incarceration for people with mental illness, as well as reducing wait times for forensic commitments. The grant program would be limited to the top 10 most populous counties in Texas. Does not include measures for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
no datano dataHistory: 12/13/2016 S Filed