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Housing Bill Tracking

The bills below could impact housing for people with disabilities in Texas.


Housing Bills (Telicon Report 5/24/2017)
HB 850Chris TurnerRelating to an exemption from ad valorem taxation of a portion of the appraised value of certain real property used to provide housing to certain individuals with disabilities.
no datano dataRemarks: Would exempt a portion of the ad valorem tax on group homes and intermediate care facilities.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-10-17 S Referred to Senate Committee on Senate Finance
HB 1098Terry CanalesRelating to the amount of late fees that may be charged to certain tenants.
no datano dataRemarks: Would not allow a landlord to charge a tenant who is a participant of the Section 8 housing choice voucher program a late fee more than 5% of the amount of rent owed.
no datano dataLast Action: 04-21-17 H Recommended for Local and Consent Calendar
HB 1099Terry CanalesRelating to a residential tenant's right to summon police or other emergency assistance.
no datano dataRemarks: Would expand a tenant's right to call for police or emergency assistance in all instances in which the tenant has reasonable belief that an individual is in need of emergency assistance, instead of only in response to family violence as in current law.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-22-17 S Passed (Vote: Y: 31/N: 0)
HB 2312Dawnna DukesRelating to the prohibition of housing discrimination and to the enforcement of that prohibition.
no datano dataRemarks: Would prohibit housing discrimination because of disability, military status or sexual orientation as part of the Fair Housing Act. Would only allow the Texas Workforce Commission to refer complaints of discriminatory housing practices to a municipality if alleged discrimination occurred in a municipality that has laws prohibiting the alleged discrimination.
no datano dataLast Action: 03-22-17 H Introduced and referred to committee on House State Affairs
HB 3888John ZerwasRelating to the enforcement of a restrictive covenant on property used as an assisted living facility.
no datano dataRemarks: Would allow property owners' associations to enforce a clause in a deed or lease property restricting what the owner of the land or lease can do with the property to properties used as an assisted living facility. Does not authorize the association to enforce a restriction that would prohibit or limit the use of property for a community home for persons with disabilities.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-12-17 H Withdrawn from the Local Calendar
SB 1991Kirk WatsonRelating to the administration of federal funds under the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act.
no datano dataRemarks: Would require the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs to allocate at least five percent of federal housing funds provided under the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act to persons with disabilities in participating jurisdictions in any area of Texas. Would require the eligibility to apply for community housing development organization set-aside funds to be determined by the federal law.
no datano dataLast Action: 05-24-17 H Set on the Local Calendar