How a Bill Becomes a Law in Texas

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Do you know how a bill becomes a law in Texas? For some people, the legislative process is complicated and intimidating. However, legislation can ultimately have an impact on people with disabilities and their families, so having a basic understanding of how a bill becomes a law may be important for some advocates. With this basic understanding of the legislative process, disability advocates can monitor bills so they know when there will be opportunities to educate legislators about how a bill will affect Texans with disabilities. For the 86th Texas Legislature, the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) updated our infographic that explains how a bill becomes a law with easy-to-understand steps.

How a bill becomes a law

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For a bill to become law, it must go through a series of actions in the House and Senate before finally being sent to the Governor. The infographic shows what happens to a bill after it is initially introduced, including when a bill is debated on the floor, and what the Governor’s options are related to bills that are passed by both chambers of the Legislature.

The 86th Texas Legislature began on January 8, 2019. To learn about TCDD’s priorities for the current legislative session, check-out our 2019 Public Policy Priorities.

The English version of the infographic is available for download here.

Easterseals Central Texas translated the infographic into Spanish. The Spanish version is available for download here.