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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should apply for the grants?

Eligible applicants may be organizations that are public agencies, private nonprofit agencies, private for profit organizations or universities. They may also be groups of organizations that have collaborated for a particular project. Additional information about who should apply, any specific restrictions, or stated preferences, is noted in the individual project descriptions.

Organizations or individuals who present any conflict of interest due to their participation in the planning work of the Council related to the specific activity are not eligible to apply under that proposal. Applicants must disclose any conflicts of interest between themselves and Council members, employees and their immediate families.

Applicants shall be the organization that will provide the administrative functions for the grant and which will receive, disburse and account for grant funds. Funding for these projects is subject to an independent review process established by the Council and availability of funds.

Grantees are expected to review and comply with all applicable polices and procedures reflected in the Grants Manual, available from staff.

Applicants are encouraged to be innovative and creative in their approaches.


2. If I am awarded a grant, what will I be required to do?

Terms of Grants:

  • A nonfederal match of 25% is required. The nonfederal match may consist of “in-kind” value and/or nonfederal cash contributions. Project activities located in counties designated as federal poverty areas require a minimum of 10% matching resources. An increasing match in subsequent years is requested and will be negotiated with TCDD.
  • Applicants must disclose any conflicts of interest between themselves and Council members, employees and their immediate families.
  • All printed material is to be in accessible formats including Braille, large print and Spanish. Any video products must have open captioning. Video products, teleconferencing and distance learning activities are to be fully accessible to all.
  • Funds awarded may not be used for direct services and supports.
  • TCDD reserves the right not to fund any proposal under the announcement.
  • TCDD will retain all rights to all products created through this funding.
  • TCDD staff will approve a Project Advisory Committee of 8-10 key stakeholders, including the grantee project director, self-advocates and family members, experts in the field of service addressed by the project, key cooperating agencies, appropriate licensing/standards entities and potential funding sources.
  • Continuation Funding: Projects may be eligible for continuation funding as specified in the original Request for Proposals. Continuation funding will not be automatic. Consideration for continuation funding will include a review of the project’s accomplishments, progress towards stated goals and objectives, financial management of funds, compliance with reporting requirements, review of most recent program audit, review of findings of TCDD’s onsite reviews and development of alternative funding.



3. How do I apply for a grant?

If you received an announcement about an RFP that has a link, you may click on the link. Another alternative is to go to the DD Suite website and click on the link for the RFP you are interested in. Read the RFP. If you are interested in applying, click on “Apply for this Grant” in the upper right hand corner of the page. Complete all the information according to the instructions and submit it to TCDD by the required deadline for that particular RFP. It is very important that you follow the directions in the RFP and proofread your application prior to submitting it to TCDD.


4. Can I submit a grant application in Spanish or another language?

TCDD welcomes applications from diverse groups; however, grant applications must be submitted in English. Please contact Grants2@tcdd.texas.gov if you need help with translation.

Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities
6201 East Oltorf
Austin, TX, 78741
(512) 437-5410
fax (512) 437-5434
email Grants2@tcdd.texas.gov


5. What happens to my proposal after it is submitted?

Proposals submitted on time are reviewed by Council staff for compliance with the technical requirements as described in the RFP packet. Proposals that meet the minimum requirements are sent to members of an independent review panel, who score each proposal independently prior to discussing each proposal as a group. The review panel makes recommendations regarding the applications to the Council’s Executive Committee, who then determine those groups or organizations the Council will fund.

Successful applicants receive official notification of their grant award in writing from the Council’s office. Any necessary negotiations are completed between the grantee, Council staff, and the Grants Management Director after notification. Proposers who are not selected are also notified and provided the opportunity to request information about the strengths and needs of their proposal as identified by the review panel.

TCDD reserves the right not to fund any proposal under the announcement(s).


6. How is my proposal evaluated?

Each application under this announcement will be reviewed and evaluated by the criteria set forth in the RFP. All applications are expected to reflect consistency with the philosophy of the Council and recognize the importance of supporting involvement of key stakeholders through the project development and implementation. Project work plans must incorporate best practices and demonstrate the organization’s ability to implement the activities and to provide sound fiscal management of resources.